Dan Combs

Andreas Vollenweider
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Was magicallyintranceicative last night. One of my all time top 5 artists
A grammy award winning musican that has sold old over 10 million records world Wide, Andreas Vollenweider hasn't toured in the U.S. in 10 YEARS. And He was in Mesa.

I found out about this conert on the radio, and decided to go just an hour before the concert. I didn't Realize just how fortunate my opportunity was to see him live.

His Performance was Soooo what I needed. It was Beautiful. Andreas shared himself and gave me a look inside his world. Vollenweider experiences his music like I do when I listen to it. He lets the emotions and thoughs come/expand/begin while he plays.

What I experience: I let the concert capture my attention like I was watching a movie. My thoughts took the traces ..and gave me a feeling that my life has only begun.. that Amazing life awaits me in the near future (I used to daydream like this when I was younger).

At mid concert I centered my thoughts on the idea of how much of our brains we don't use.. We only use 3bsp;. We call all do so much better ... and we all have so much potential unused. ( a healthly way of thinking.. and quite true) And I realized that my mind kept trying to understand all that I heard.. My mind heard it all. I just need to trust other parts of my brain that pick up every note, and not fear not capturing it all for just my consious mind to understand.

And I also let my mind fill with images. Most were movies that have yet to be made... Futureist family movies movies I am making in mind. MOvies with Love, Sadness, Energy. And of course Beautiful Women. "Belle Donna" was the last song played which is fitting I enjoy portraying beautiful images and women in my mind. And that rush of a Gasp of a fluttered heart. And the harsh bite of reality.

What I Saw: 1.Excellent venue.

2. the instruments Were new to me .. the saxaphonist had 5 different types. a c sax like kenny G the the 2 more familar types .. one that was very deep. and one that was very large and gave a very uneven raspy happy sound. It sounded a little like running a finger across a wet rubber balloon.

3. The crowd was OLD... just being honest. Mostly 50 -60 year old white Couples that were sooooo boreing to me. the only girl my age sat just a seat away with her boyfriend on my right arm and I noticed her clasp his hand to express the joy she felt for the experience

4. Andreas Vollenweider -- is so Gooofy happy to look at. he seems so happy . That frizzy curley hair. Those round glasses. He walks proud..and is GQ stud but looks so disarming and happy.
What Andreas said: He said He has been away from touring for a while because he had been starting a family. And he recommended everyone should be there when a "family" is started (to a laughter of the crowd). He said he had a virus.. since a little kid. He virus was that he ...has always wanted to change the world. .. He also explained how his dislike for school drove him to love to escape in music. .. Andreas way of talking was entertaining he had a smooth even tone to his speach...and gave the impression he would break into a deep poetic profound talk, (hehe) but he never did and kept it to simple stories. And his voice was steady but he wasn't trying to hypnotise you and he wasn't trying to preach.

Andreas is a true Artist something special. A spirtuality in his energy. No age in his music.

I like this Spirtuality. An energy to feel one can improve himself. An energy to better the world. A Positive generating energy.

The experience for me wasn't all fun.. I was unhappy last night and still felt alone. But, the experience was very worthwhile. My mind needed the experience. I gave myself reminders of what energy I can still create. I realized things I have not considered before. Quite refreshing ...

Dan Combs

United States of America