Glen Learmonth
Hi Andreas, unmistakably the most awe inspiring music event of my life, was when I was introduced to your world on the 16th February 1987 at the Sydney Town Hall.
Your presence on this evening was nothing shy of inspirational, from the standing ovation delivered after the first piece of music played, through a myriad of unblemished sounds that arouse wonder and emotion some 20 years on.
A musician I am not, but a life member in the Association of Music Appreciation I am. And whilst I have an extremely diverse taste in this medium, there are but two events that I have the privilege of witnessing......Jeff Buckley and the Maestro himself, yes you my good Sir.
I live in hope that there may be a generation of the Australian population that may have the same privilege one day. I also pray that this may happen again in my time, so I have the opportunity to share this privilege with the love of my life.
Thank you for every moment of music you have gifted this fine world with Andreas....keep the spirit alive...hoffen, Sie bald sehen!! Glen