John Kavallaris
Dear Andreas, Hello from Sydney
Australia the most beautiful City of the whole World.The Last time you were here was in the middle 80's !!!!! When you Come again Andreas in Sydney for a few Concerts ? It's about time , now We have the year 2011 !!!! PLEASE COME again a lot of People are waiting for YOU.
Andreas I hope you have read and like my Great Novel , - The Insignificant Tourist - I send you in 2007 !! When you come to Sydney I will also show you an Oil Panting I've done of the LAKE GENEVA with the - Andreas Vollenweider Immortal Mountains !Andreas You'll Love it.!!! Thank you very much again for your Wonderful Music for SO many Years , you Changed my life so much for the better .---You Know very well My Story --- !!!
Your Friend JOHN K.-Lord Byron-