Last thursday we visited your concert. Me and my SO were there with so many others. you starded with songs for the behind the gardens ... the songs I recall from childhoud. And tears fell - For no reason at all - and evry reason I could think of ... Like every moment - the tears passed - smiles, a feeling of wonder, joy and love came. Coming home again whithout realising I ever left home...
When Daniels music filled the room, it was like meeting an old friend again.. (although I know I have only met him when listing to the music)... a renewed coming home... When Steffie walked on stage - staging the groove - expressivly being present - I have listened and dreamed - one song I say a little movie before my eyes - my two kids, SO and I walked thought a forest, to a field.. we found horses, on horseback we flew - went on foot again and climed a mountain - in the mean time a say those little details that made my day - I say who my DD kissed the horses noise to say thank you for the ride - my DS found a frog and proudly say that - me and my SO exchanging glances - We saw birds and butterflies - and we were so happy! I don't know the name of that music, just before the first end... or was it the encore... I can not remember... I love to paint/draw the move and put music under it...
It was a dream of mine ever to hear and see you play life. And like a breath of fresh AIR, clear sounds kissed an sleeping dream awake. I was trilled to have an oppertunity to let Andreas, Daniel and Steffie to sign the CD AIR. I let most of the people go first so I had time to think what to say or ask - I could not think of any thing but THANK YOU. Can't say why I cried - it happened - beinig at this concert creates a fresh breath of air in my body, my being. With love and enchanted I think back at the enpowering feeling of being relaxd and at peace in love with life - Thank you.