Pierre Pattipeilohij

Dear mister Vollenweider,

in my youth for say about 37 years ago I saw a clip at the dutch television. This clip was played because then the national tv NOS had an intermission what now a days is hard to imagen.

Your sound of the harp came in the livingroom and as young as I was I was aware this was good music. Your name was shown for a short titme in the upperleft corner. The clip seemed a fantasy vulcanic enviremont with a lot of smoking vulcans which rythmic gave a plume of smoke in colours variated in pink, yellow, purple, blue. It was shot from a perspective as if we watched it from above flying over the landscape

Then the intermission ended and your music was not finished yet. I could not remember your name to find out more of your music.

Up today 2019 at this nite 04:45 I recognized your name and the track played then I believe could rcognize as the song with the title ' behind the garden".

Well, I believe I got a lot to catch up now.

Thank you for making beautiful music.

My kind regards,