Robert Sherman
Hey Andreas, or Hey You,
looking forward to your show in Portland next week. The folks who have posted seem to be the usual pleased group. I am bringing a Romanian couple to the Aladdin to hear your music for the first time. It is my own kind of private experiment which may be known as "The Andreas Effect" if I have my way. This term is sort of copied from an effect discovered by a professor of mine , who has coined: "The Nolwenn Effect" (if you google it it will show up, Nolwenn Leroy of France, a beautiful voice. This is quite interesting and I certainly believe your music is clinically beneficial as I have played it in my chiropractic office for over twenty years with no adverse effects whatsoever. I talked briefly with you at the apple store last year, which was a great and suprising evening of fun. I look forward to seeing you next week.
Robert Sherman, D.C.
United States of America