Greg C
Hello Andreas,
I was excited to see your post about your continued work on new music. I once had the good fortune to fly from Philadelphia, USA to see you perform in Konzerthalle Ulrichskirche. It was one of the most magical experiences for me and a most cherished memory. I'm wondering if you ever grant interviews and/or photo sessions. I cover things related to art and culture and would consider it the highest honor to interview you. For me it would be sharing with fellow fans but also quite personal. I learned of your music many years ago when I was in graduate school and it was a supportive listening balm during that hectic period of study and I have shared it with others ever since. For photography, I use antique large format cameras (8x10 and 5x7) to capture portraits and I do not sell my images for commercial means. I share images freely with those who are fans and with the outlets that cover my stories. It's more a labor of love. If there is a media representative that I could contact I would happy do so with guidance.
Kind Regards,
United States of America