I have been your devoted fan from my childhood in Poland since early 1980s.
I remember one day in mid 1980s I was listening to Polish Radio station playing your music and I had my headphones on with a face expression of an angel or being in Paradise. My sister came to our room and asked: “Who are you listening to?” I said “Andreas Vollenweider”. She ripped the headphones off my head: “I want to listen too!”. I started with recording your music from radio station and also bought the music compact cassettes – whatever was only available. At that time CDs were either not available or out of reach in Poland and I did not have CD player yet.
For last 15 years I have been living in the USA and own every single CD and its version.
My car has a 5 CD loader and 2 CD of yours have been there permanently for years.
Whenever traffic gets bad in Seattle, I just listen to your music and can never get bored or tired of it.
We do not need any time or space travel machines. With your music I might be stuck in traffic on planet Earth but my Soul and Mind is already on another Planet or somewhere in Paradise.
Your music is the most powerful weapon of Peace and brings the best out of us.
I was also extremely privileged to be on your Concert in Seattle USA many years ago.
I am so eagerly looking forward to ANY of your new music. Please release even a ring tone. The World is starving for your music.
United States of America