Maieutikos Aionios
Dear Andreas,

It was late afternoon. There was a shoebox full of cassette tapes in the music room...I was but a mere 14.
All the students had gone home for the day, but I had stayed to practice....

I put your cassette in the player while I waited for my choir master, merely curious...

And then?? ------

--------- I heard my own soul spin out from the speakers in a lush revelation of mystery----- and---memory. It had all the valence of love, wonder, shock and surprise. A gift in the ether to my ears, unlike any other.

Waves of nostalgia and Sehnsucht washed over me. I felt my insides gripped powerfully that the essential root of my being....

That day, the dust motes danced like eternal diamonds in the afternoon sun. I heard a distant call from a land that I once knew in your's a land that, even to this day, I desperately try to hold on to.

You might call it "homesickness."


We are both friends of Orpheus.


On that same day, I stumbled over this quote in a dusty old book of Tennyson--- it changed my life and launched me on a fantastic journey that, to this day, thirty years later, I am still trying to understand....

"All precious things, discover'd late
To those that seek them, issue forth
For Love in Sequel works with fate,
And draws the veil from hidden worth."---The Daydream


You are like Salome, and you lift the Seven Veils one at a time.

Words are not enough gratitude for all that your music has meant to me these many years.

Thank You For The Map.


Nicht angegeben