Michael and Lyric Saylor

Thank you for always following the beat of a different drummer in your life, never afraid to take to road less traveled, and always leaving yourself open to learning and new opportunities.More importantly enjoying your life along the journey serving others. I am now a simple 48 year old Firefighter Paramedic from Arizona. When I first heard you I was only 13, and it changed my life musically and have been a fan ever since. My greatest joy has been introducing my family and more specifically my daughter Lyric to your music and our love of your music we have shared together over the past 10 years. Our dream is to have a daddy daughter day at a concert of one of yours anywhere in the world. If you do it, we will come. Thank you for sharing your gifts with my family and to the world. We are better for it. May God richly bless you and your family.
United States of America