Robynn Gille
Dear Andreas,

You are my all-time favorite musician. I've been drawing inspiration from your music since I first heard bits of 'Down To The Moon' on our local public radio station in rural Alaska. I was only 16 then. (I'm in my mid-forties now).

Your music is the perfect accompaniment to anything wonderful. I've spent my life painting, writing, traveling, meditating, even making love to your music. (#^.^#) It is the perfect soundtrack for a beautiful life. And it's so amazing how your work reflects the beauty and wonderment of places I've lived. For instance, 'White Winds' reminds me of Alaska's mystical Kachemak Bay bathed in moonlight. 'Caverna Magica' transports me back to the fragrant cedar-scented woods of Hiroshima, and 'Dancing With The Lion' reflects the intriguing controlled chaos of Seoul, my current home. But 'Air,' wow -it takes me to that place of stillness in my soul, which brings the most joy, Each of your albums is a trip in itself, yet you're making this already beautiful world so much more amazing.

Your music defies time, spans cultures and worlds yet to be discovered. It celebrates diversity, creative energy, the vitality of all life. Your music promotes peace, dance, love, everything good. Thank you so much for sharing your precious gifts with all of us. We need it now more than ever. Blessings to you and your family!

With Love & Gratitude
Korea (Rep.)