Terry Renee Gordon

I eagerly await your new album(s). I'd like to attend one of (or all of) your concerts, but I can't find listings. I know your 'news' site says you are 'busy being creative' right now. I'm writing you to BEG you to bring AVAF to Southern California! This would be the only way I could attend one of your concerts. I'm a senior citizen who can't drive and has a very limited income. (I told you I was begging!) If you were to bring a concert here, I'd find a way to get there. I may have to go without a few meals or paying a few bills, (Okay, I'm exaggerating just a bit, but I need to convince you), but I'll find a way. I absolutely adore your music. It would be impossible to describe how much your music moves me. It has brought me thru some of the toughest times. (I had to put a little whining in to this, too). Fear not, you will be safe; I'm not a groupie who will jump you on site! Take pity on a little old lady who's not very little and is six days younger than you are.
United States of America