The musicians

Except for Walter Keiser, who always was responsible for the heartbeat of this music, the formations of AVAF have changed over the thirty years many times. The main reason for this was the fact, that Andreas has always been very enthusiastic about experimenting, finding new configurations, sounds and ways of dynamic expression. This has caused the family of special musicians to grow over the years and their returning to Andreas' projects from time to time has created the harmonious continuity around AVAF's music.

Wind Instruments

Daniel Kuffer: saxes, bass clarinet, keyboards, vocals, accordion
Sandro Friedrich: ethnic wind instruments
Eberhard Hahn: saxes, flutes, ethnic wind instruments
Jorg-Peter “Budi” Siebert: saxes, flutes, ethnic wind instruments, keyboards, perkussion
Markus Kuhne: saxes, flutes
Matthias Ziegler: flutes
Michael Brecker: tenor sax
Daniel Schenker: trumpet
Roman Schmid: english horn, oboe
Hans Bergstrom: french horn
Beat Briner: bassoon
Charly Fassler: french horn
Steve Gorn: bansuri bamboo flutes
Regula Kuffer: bamboo flute
Hanspeter Haas: bass trombone
Christian Ostermeier: tenor saxophon
Jürg Zurmuhle: shakuhachi
Christian M. Siegmann:bassoon
Hugo Helfenstein:trombone
Hanspeter Haas:bass trombone
Roland van Straaten:harmonica

Guitars, Basses, String Instruments

Oliver Keller: guitars, sitar-guitar, mandolin
Thomas Fessler: guitars, bass, ethnic string instruments
Marc Portmann
Max Lasser: guitars, lap steel guitars, mandolin, bouzouki 
Janne Schaffer: guitars, guitar-sitar
David Lindley: lap steel guitar, bouzouki
Gerardo Nuñez: spanish guitar
Prem Joshua: sitar
Peter Keiser: bass
Vali Mayer: acoustic bass
Heiri Kanzig: acoustic bass
The Zurich Mandolin Orchestra, conducted by Horst Hagemann

Drums & Percussion

Walter Keiser: drums
Andi Pupato: percussion
Kaspar Rast: drums
Pedro Haldemann: percussion
Jon Otis: percussion
Marilyn Mazur: percussion
Ernst Ströer:percussion
Fredrik Gille: frame drum
Stefanie Peter aka Steff la Cheffe: human beat box
Badal Roy: tabla
Raul Sengupta: tabla, percussion
Burhan Oeçal: darbouka
Luis Perez: meso-american winds and percussion
Ivan “Mamão” Conti: percussion
Carmen Cortes & Guadiana:palmas (hand clapping)

Piano, Keyboards, Accordion

Greg Galli: keyboards, vocals
Christoph Stiefel: keyboards, piano
Matthis “Teese” Gohl: keyboards, piano
Santino Famulari: keyboards, piano, accordion
Philippe Kuhn: organ
Fernando Fantini: accordion
Daniel Binelli: bandoneon 


Isabel Gehweiler: cello
Sorin Spasinovici: viola
Edouard Maetzener: violin
Daniel Pezzotti: cello
Martin Tillmann: cello
Patrick Demenga: cello
Mark O'Connor: fiddle
Mindy Jostyn: fiddle
Helmut Lipsky: violin
Xiaojing Wang: erhu (Chinese violin) 


Eliza Gilkyson
Mindy Jostyn
Carly Simon
Saynho Namtchilak
Stefanie Peter aka Steff La Cheffe
Greg Galli
Jon Otis
Corin Curschellas
Xavier Naidoo
Elena Ledda
Milton Nascimento
Luciano Pavarotti
Ayanda Nhlangothi
Vusi Nhlapo
Loyiso Makhapela
Vuyo Tshuma
Joseph Shabalala & Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Patti Austin
Diva Gray
Lani Groves
Vaneese Thomas
Anthony Crivello
Nina Hennessey
Dodo Hug
Misty Jervis
Lucy Novotny
Natasha Otrinowa
Margarita Zorbala
Bernhard Banse
Barry Brandes
Hans-Jurgen Frank
Eric Johnson
Kartmut Kriszun
James Moellenhoff
John Ousley
Wilber Pauley
Phillip Sneed
Claudia Boggio
Carlo Milan
Sue Mathys
Regina Günthard 
Bulgarian Mens Choir: Gyorgy Antalffy, Andrzej Praszka, Gerassim Gerassimov, Angel Petkov, Jvaylo Jvanov, Sacho Jelev, Tadeusz Tomaszczuk, Assen Toschef
Children’s Choir Kaltbrunn conducted by Daniel Winiger
The Stars Of Faith Gospel Choir
Jugendchor Zürich, conducted by Michael Gohl
La Cantapella Helvetica conducted by Christoph Cajori

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