The people behind...

Without the outstanding technical and organisational support of dedicated and highly competent people the adventure of AVAF would have been unthinkable. The specific and unique instrumentation requested the highest technical level, everything had to be taylor made and state of the art. For this reason the productions of AVAF are highly respected in the business worldwide.

These are the people behind, over the 30 years history of AVAF:

Technical directors:

Hanspeter Ehrsam: Technische Gesamtleitung, Tonmeister FOH,

Beat Allgaier: Tonmeister Monitor, FOH, Backline, Logistics,

Developers of the VOllenweider-harp:

Hanspeter Ehrsam
Phillip Scheidegger
Andreas Vollenweider

Recording Engineers and Sound Designers:

Eric Merz
Andreas Vollenweider
Hanspeter Ehrsam
Gavin Goldberg

Patrik Schwitter

Thomas Gfeller
Jürg Peterhans
Tim Leitner
Ira Rubnitz

Live Recording Engineers:

Hanspeter Ehrsam
Thomas Gfeller
Beat Allgaier
Kathrin Brändli
Kurt Ernst
Jan de Groot
Ron Kurz

Monitor Engineers:

Beat Allgaier
Kurt Ernst
Dennis Roshard
Felix Lämmli
Hanswalter Huggler
John Furrer
Thomas Geller
Phillip Scheidegger 

Backline, Stage:

Beat Allgaier
Hennie Schwital
Michael Keating
Dave Scherrer
Philipp Scheidegger
Christoph Stahel
Sybille Meier
Dominik Zaugg
Achim Kübert 

Lighting & Lighting Design:

Serge Schmuki
Rolf Derrer
Martin Rohr
Stefan Keller
Heinze Baumann
Kurt Ernst
Antje Brückner
Christoph Gutmann
Scott Richmond
Jan Geldof
Lukas Moser
Casper Obro (live light painting)

Tour Management:

Hanswalter Huggler
Veit Bremme
Frank Abromeit
Sylvie Rossi
Markus Eggenberger
Jonathan Vollenweider
Marina Belica
Karen Prena
Karen Kramer
David Lang
John Portelli
Glen Orsher
Giant Steps
Darryl Pitt
Jerry Wortman
Tommy Wilson
Dave Parry (tour accounting) 

Trucking & Tour Busses:

Michael Tietze
Jürg Hügin
Martin Rohr
Edith Decrauzat
Jim Bodenheimer
Franco Zanini
Andrew Marsh
Alec, Peter & Brian Best
Uli Delchambre
Skip Milburn,
Vince Grecco
Marc-André Decrauzat
Ed Stuckey
Ian Lesbirel
Kurt Ernst
Beat Allgaier
Audio Rent
Florida Coach


Roy, Gene & Troy Clair, Grec Hall (Clair Brothers, USA)
Jürg Hügin (Audio Rent, Switzerland)
Werner Dönni, Switzerland

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