Andreas Vollenweider & Friends in Concert - when? where? how?

The 35th anniversary concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 7th of July 2011 was the last public concert of AVAF. After that Andreas went into a retreat and continued his work in silence. Everything was ready for June 2020 to finally go out to the world again with concerts. But like for everybody else in the performing world, due to COVID19, everything had to be postponed for a long time or even cancelled. Now we have to make new plans, about which we will inform you as soon as possible...

However, we need to mention that there will no extended tours, as was the case in the past when we visited all countries and regions regularly. Rather, there will be some selected concerts in very special places. So if you would like to be part of this experience, please make sure you take advantage of the concert dates we communicate here, even if the location might not be in your direct neighbourhood.

What is to be expected?

The Experience (for the uninitiated):

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about the harp! Music critics worldwide agree that Andreas Vollenweider has developed a unique instrument, a unique sound, and an unmistakable musical style.

Do not expect an ethereal harp recital! It's more like something between chamber music and a rock concert. You will also forget very quickly that there are only three people on stage… 

The Cast:

Andreas Vollenweider's instrument is easily able to fill even the largest of concert venues with its powerful sound, ranging from ultra-deep bass tones and hypnotic grooves to crystal-clear melodies with haunting intensity. Once more, Andreas uses his entire arsenal of instruments: his legendary electric harp, Chinese and African harps, ethnic wind instruments and other surprises. He moves through these musical spaces with two companions:

Young German cellist Isabel Gehweiler's performances are able to touch her audience in an indescribably consuming manner.  She, too, breaks through the sonic and dynamic limits of her instrument without the necessity of artificial effects. Her music invariably provokes listeners to question whether it is actually the voice of a cello that they are hearing. Every now and then, Isabel's own bell-like voice rings out and floats over her rich tapestry of sound.

Drummer Walter Keiser has been the heartbeat of Vollenweider's music since the very beginning. His musical spectrum ranges from the subtle and finely crafted to the temperamental and furious. Even in airy, floating passages, he manages to create a secure connection to the rhythmic ground. Various elements of percussion as well as some tasteful programming are also part of Walter's colourful palette of sound.

The Music:

It is truly a unique world of sound:  melodic, poignant, intimate, emotional, forgiving, untethered without compromise, and fascinatingly unfamiliar. From aching simplicity to fiery virtuosity, it is both soothing and powerful at the same time.

More than ever before, the music invites you on an inner journey, to pause and reflect and gather new strength. Those are exactly the qualities that originally made this music world-renowned. 

Along with plenty of new musical creations, on this journey we will also meet old friends. Fragments and citations from legendary pieces of earlier albums and programs will take on new guises in this trio formation. There is also plenty of space for improvisation; the music will be just as new and full of surprises at every performance for both the listeners and the musicians themselves.

The Sound:

Ever since the early 80s, audio professionals have always agreed that the Vollenweider sound has set new standards of excellence worldwide, also for live concerts. Therefore, it will be especially pleasing to the audiophiles among you to discover that the original sound crew is still involved, and will once again make sure that the concerts become an unsurpassable sound experience.

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