Andreas Vollenweider & Friends "25 years live" (2 CDs)

A selection of live concerts from all over the world, from the early 80s until 2007. It is an interesting time document, highlighting the many stages of development of the Andreas Vollenweider & Friends project over 25 years.

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends

25 years live (1982-2007)

Live recordings from: 
  1. London-England, Palladium Theatre
  2. Amsterdam-Netherlands, Theatre Carré
  3. Florence-Italy Teatro Verdi
  4. Venice-Italy, Teatro Goldoni
  5. Rome-Italy, Teatro Olimpico
  6. Hamburg-Germany, Konzerthalle
  7. Munich-Germany, Deutsches Museum
  8. Frankfurt-Germany, Alte Oper
  9. Mannheim-Germany, Rosengarten
  10. Montreux-Switzerland, Montreux Jazz Festival
  11. Luzern-Switzerland, KKL
  12. Zurich-Switzerland, Corso Theatre & Kaufleuten Theatre
  13. Zurich-Switzerland, Live at Sunset
  14. Morge-Switzerland, Theatre de Beausorbre
  15. Warsaw-Poland, Congress Palace
  16. Tokyo-Japan, NHK Hall

The songs:

CD 1
  1. Riläx 3:13 (only live, 1982)
  2. Vergeletto 4:03 (only live, 1982)
  3. Micro-Macro 3:40 (album: Behind the Gardens, 1981/live 1986)
  4. Angoh! 4:34 (album: Caverna Magica, 1982/live 1989)
  5. Pace Verde 3:49 (album: Caverna Magica, 1982/live 1993)
  6. Flight Feet – Root Hands 5:52 (album: White Winds, 1984/live 1989)
  7. The Woman & the Stone 3:53 (album: White Winds, 1984/live 1994)
  8. Movimenti 2:53 (harp solo improvisation, live only, 1989)
  9. Watermoon 2:43 (album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 1987)
  10. Moonday 4:12 (album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 1987)
  11. Cheng Lunar 3:22 (album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 1987)
  12. Steam Forest 6:04 (album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 1987)
  13. Night Fire Dance 4:51(album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 1987)
  14. Down to the Moon 2:43 (album: Down to the Moon, 1986/live 2002)
  15. Belladonna 2:48 (album: Caverna Magica, 1982/live 2007)
  16. Dancing with the Lion 5:25 (album: Dancing with the Lion, 1989/live 1989)
CD 2
  1. Pearls & Tears 4:43 (album: Dancing with the Lion, 1989/live 1989)
  2. First Piece 4:14 (only live, 1989)
  3. See, my love… 2:50 (album: Dancing with the Lion, 1989/live 1989)
  4. And the Long Shadows 3:16 (album: Dancing with the Lion, 1989/live 1989)
  5. Letters to a Young Rose 3:32 (album: Book of Roses, 1991/live 1989)
  6. Book of Roses 3:28 (album: Book of Roses, 1991/live 1994)
  7. Song of Isolde 2:31 (album: Eolian Minstrel, 1993/live 1994)
  8. Sailor 4:49 (album: instrumental version of Eolian Minstrel, 1993/live1994)
  9. The Years in the Forest 3:31 (album: Eolian Minstrel, 1993/live 1994)
  10. Arion 5:05 (harp solo improvisation, live only, 1994)
  11. Desert of Rain 5:18 (album: Eolian Minstrel, 1993/live 1994)
  12. Princess Kira 4:04 (symphonic works, only live, 2001)
  13. Passionata 2:10 (album Kryptos, 1997/live 2002)
  14. Hey You! Yes You… 7:36 (album VOX 2004/live 2005)
  15. Seven Doors 3:43 (album VOX 2004/live 2007)
  16. Pilgrim 5:25 (album VOX 2004/live2007)
  17. Pyramid 5:57 (album: Behind the Gardens, 1981/live 2002)

The AVAF-bands:

1980-83 (tours: Behind the Gardens and Caverna Magica)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, gu-cheng, ocarina, vocals
Walter Keiser; drums, percussion
Pedro Haldemann; percussion, vocals, keys

1983-1985 (tours: Caverna Magica and White Winds

Andreas Vollenweider; electracoustic pedal harp, vocals
Christoph Stiefel; keys
Jörg-Peter Büdi Siebert; saxes, flutes, percussion, keys
Pedro Haldemann; percussion, keys
Walter Keiser; drums

1985-1987 (tour: Down to the Moon)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, gu-cheng, ocarina, vocals
Walter Keiser; drums, percussion
Pedro Haldemann; percussion, keys
Jon Otis; percussion
Matthias Ziegler; flutes, lyricon
Christoph Stiefel; keys

1988-1991 (tour: Dancing with the Lion)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, gu-cheng, kora, vocals
Walter Keiser; drums, percussion
Markus Kühne; saxes, flutes, percussion
Santino Famulari; keys, piano, accordion
Thomas Fessler; guitars, vocals, balalayka, pipa, bass

1992-1995 (tour: Eolian Minstrel)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, guitars, vocals
Eliza Gilkyson; vocals, guitars, keys, percussion
Marc Portmann; lead guitars, vocals
Eberhard Hahn; saxes, bass clarinet, flutes, diggeridoo, percussion
Chris Wiesendanger; keys, organ, piano, accordion
Walter Keiser; drums

1996-2001 (the symphonic projects)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, gu-cheng (Chinese harp), piano solo (Down to the Moon)
Walter Keiser; drums, percussion
Xiaojing Wang; erhu (Chinese violin)
André Desponds; piano (Pyramid)
Sinfonia Varsovia (orchestra) 
André Bellmont; conductor

2001-2007 (tours: part of Cosmopoly and VOX)

Andreas Vollenweider; harps, gu-cheng, guitars, bowed psaltery, vocals
Daniel Kueffer; saxes, bass clarinet, whistles, keys, accordion, vocals
Walter Keiser; drums, percussion
Andi Pupato; percussion, keys, vocals

Listen and download

CD 1

Riläx 3:13 (only live, 1982)

CD 2

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