Book of Roses

"My affinity for mystical themes has always been a source of inspiration for my musical work. On "Book of Roses" I tried to connect the earthy elements of ethnic music with the sonic depth of the symphonic sound body. The song "Passage to Promise" is based on a very special blend of energies. Shortly before the end of the horrible regime of apartheid, the South-African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo visited me in Switzerland and we spent a wonderful time in the studio. Our jam sessions led to this song, which carries the spirit of a positive departure for South Africa. Joseph Shabalala sings of the power of forgiveness, of promises and responsibility." 

New release year 2005, re-mastered, re-engineered sound, bonus songs, bonus videos

sixteen episodes /four chapters


1. La Strega (her Journey To The Grand Ball) 1:01

Andreas Vollenweider: chinese bamboo flute, special effects
Saynho Namtchilak: voice
Basel Sinfonietta: orchestra (orch. & cond. by Andres Joho)

2. The Grand Ball Of The Duljas 1:46

Andreas Vollenweider: greek hammer dulcimer, erhu (chinese violin), indian bamboo flute, orchestral percussion
Daniel Pezzotti: cello
Christian M. Siegmann: bassoon
The Invisible Dance Company, Zürich
Dodo Hug, Sue Mathys, Regina Günthard: duljas’ voices

3. Morning At Boma Park 3:17

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp, greek flutes, voice, keyboards
Walter Kieser: drums
Pedro Haldemann: percussion, frame drum
Thomas Fessler: charango, electric guitars
Santino Famulari: piano
Max Lässer: acoustic slide guitar
Dodo Hug, Sue Mathys, Regina Günthard: duljas’ voices

4. The Five Curtains 1:48

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp

5. Book Of Roses 3:21

Andreas Vollenweider: voice, acoustic & electric guitras, keyboards, percussion, hooter, special effects
Walter Keiser: toms, percussion
Pedro Haldemann: crayon, percussion
Peter Keiser: acoustic bass guitar
Roman Schmid: english horn
Hugo Helfenstein: trombone
Hanspeter Haas: bass trombone
Christian M. Siegmann: bassoon

6. In Doga Gamee 4:45

Andreas Vollenweider: piano, voice, cheng (chinese harp), keyboards, bamboo flute
Walter Keiser: drums
Peter Keiser: bass
Thomas Fessler: electric guitar
Roland van Straaten: harmonica
Dodo Hug, Sue Mathys, Regina Günthard: voices

7. Passage To Promise 2:28

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp
*Ladysmith Black Mambazo: voices
Walter Keiser: stone percussion


8. In The Woods Of Kroandal 3:13

Andreas Vollenweider: classical guitar
Sandro Friedrich: fujara (czechoslovakian shepherd’s flute)
Basel Sinfonietta: orchestra (orch. & cond. by Andreas Joho)

9. Jugglers In Obsidian 3:24

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp
**Gerardo Nuñez: spanish guitar
Carmen Cortes & Guadiana: palmas (hand clapping)


10. Chanson De L’heure Bleue 1:34

Andreas Vollenweider: piano
Daniel Pezzotti: cello
Matthias Ziegler: flute
Tutu Smirnovitch: dog

11. Czippa And The Ursanian Girl 3:11

Andreas Vollenweider: piano, keyboards, alto flute, dolphin flute (australian clay flute), crumhorn, bassoon
Walter Keiser: drums
Peter Keiser: bass
Thomas Fessler: sitar guitar, electric guitar
Corin Curschellas: voice

12. The Birds Of Tilmun 2:14

Andreas Vollenweider: choreography, special effects
Saynho Namtchilak: voice
Matthias Ziegler: modified bass flute
The Invisible Dance Company, Zurich
The Silver Symphony Orchestra & Choir

13. Hirzel 5:11

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp, 12-string guitar, voice
Walter Keiser: drums percussion
Marilyn Mazur: percussion
Thomas Fessler: electric guitars
Christoph Stiefel: keyboards
Max Lässer: acoustic slice guitar
The Silver Brass Ensemble


14. Jours D’amour 3:57

Andreas Vollenweider: classical guitar, voice, keyboards
Corin Curschellas: voice
Thomas Fessler: pipa (chinese lute)
Hans Hassler: accordion
Vali Mayer: acoustic bass
Bulgarian Men’s Choir (conducted by Andres Joho)
György Antalffy, Andrzej Praszka, Gerassim Gerassimov, Angel Petkov, Jvaylo Jvanov, Sacho Jelev, Tadeusz Tomaszczuk, Assen Toschef

15. Manto’s Arrow And The Sphinx 2:26

Andreas Vollenweider: electracoustic harp, skin percussion, bow & arrow, special effects
Saynho Namtchilak: voice
Pedro Haldemann: skin percussion

16. Letters To A Young Rose 5:17

Andreas Vollenweider: kora (african harp), voice
Walter Keiser: percussion
Pedro Haldemann: percussion, voice
Thomas Fessler: percussion
Heiri Känzig: acoustic bass
Santino Famulari: piano, accordion
Saynho Namtchilak: voice, footsteps

Many thanks to all the people listed above, who have shared their feelings and talents musically – and in so many other ways.

Thank you, Beata, for the precious love you give to me, our children and our music...
I would also like to express my deep appreciation to the many people “behind the scene” for all the help and support, the engagement and enthusiasm as well as for their critical ear. I also like to include all the families (for their patience...), thank you all!
This music is dedicated to my family, and to the great miraculous love that gives voice to our hearts. 

*Ladysmith Black Mambazo appears courtesy of
Gallo Music Productions
**Gerardo Nuñez appears courtesy of
Intuition Records/Verabra

All music is composed, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider for AVAF Music Publishing, Zurich, Switzerland

recording and mixing engineer: Eric Merz
production coordination: Hanswalter Huggler & Sylvie Rossi
assisting all around: Dominik Zaugg
also assisting in many ways: Walter Keiser
theatrical sound effects co-producer: Pedro Haldemann
love, food & shelter: Beata Vollenweider
heart dancers: Jonathan & Sebastian Vollenweider

front cover
art direction: Carol Chen
photography: Predrag
bookwork: Thimothy C. Ely
set construction: Nick Koudis
Portrait: Pier Luigi Macor
back cover design: Duede Duerst

- Recorded and mixed at AVAF Studios, Zurich, Switzerland
- Theatrical effects recordings at RADIO STUDIO DRS, Zurich, Switzerland (recording engineer Eric Merz)
- Additional recordings at POWERPLAY STUDIOS, Maur, Switzerland (recording engineer Jürg Peterhans)
- Orchestra recordings: Casino Basel, Switzerland (recording engineer Jürg Jecklin)

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La Strega

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