Caverna Magica

„After ‚Behind the Gardens’, the album ‚Caverna Magica’ was truly like an expedition into the deep realm of this music. The comparison with cave explorers perfectly describes our experience: beyond every corner, in every new corridor, we found unknown spaces. For us, it was as if nobody before us had ever set foot in this territory - an indescribable feeling!”  

Re-release 2005

Re-mastered, including bonus songs and bonus videos

“Caverna Magica”

(…Under the Tree – In the Cave…)

  1. Caverna Magica 3:53 
  2. Mandragora 3:12 
  3. Lunar Pond 2:10 
  4. Schajah Saretosh 3:27 
  5. Sena Stanjéna? 2:28 
  6. Belladonna 5:21
  7. Angoh! 2.44
  8. Huiziopochtli – Con Chiglia 5:07 
  9. Geastrum Coronatum 4:35 
  10. Pace Verde (the Green Peace, Single 1983) 5:23


Andreas Vollenweider: electroacoustic pedal harp, gu-cheng & more...
Pedro Haldemann: rhythmanatomic acousticolors & more...
Walter Keiser: drumming center of gravity & more...
Corin Curschellas: moonvoice – snakevoice
Jon Otis: weaver of the bata drum net
Eric Merz: architect of the sound buildings
Roger Bonnot: natural sound adventurer

Cave Digger: Andreas Vollenweider
Expedition staff: Beata & Margareth Vollenweider
Fotografo della Spedizione: Mike Mueller
Assistentone: Thomas Mueller
Graphical Direction Indicator: Duede Duerst
Photographer: Darryl Pitt

Recorded and mixed at the Sinus Studios, Bern, Switzerland
May-November 1982
Remastered by Andreas Vollenweider at the Lake Side Studios, Switzerland, 2005
Many, many thanks with all my heart to:
Beata, Pedro, Walter, Jon, Chango, Corin, Eric, Anne, Sami, Hugo, Vera, Hanswalter, Hanspeter, Joennel, Heinze, Margareth, Hans, Mike, Thomas, Rosa, Duede, Peter Mc, Priska, Martha, Ruth, Oscar, Guschti, Ruedi, Achim, Bruno, Dana, Lisa, Ernst, Anneli, Ulla, Buedi, Wern, Roger, Peter Sch, Juergen, Helen, Christian, Don, Laurence, James, Peter, Tutu... And all of you....

This album is dedicated to Oscar, who changed to the other life – but life is life

* Relax (bonus track): The Caverna Magica Band + Joerg-Peter “Buedi” Siebert, percussion, keyboards
** Hey you! yes, you... (bonus track): Andreas Vollenweider: harp, vocals, bass flute, keyboards
Walter Keiser: drums
Andi Pupato: percussion
Erdal Kizilcay: oud, keyboards

All music written, arranged and produced for:
AVAF Music Publishing, Switzerland
Andreas Vollenweider is a member of SUISA and GEMA
Worldwide Sub-publishing (excl. Switzerland) by EMI-Music-Publishing, New York

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Caverna Magica

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