Dancing with the Lion

„The first of my three children was born - a key experience for a dreamer like me! It was like gently becoming grounded, which spawned the theme of this album: ‚Dancing with the Lion’. The lion stands for concrete, rational and physical reality. In that sense, it is vital to dance with the lion, without stepping on its feet, because you would surely be mauled. At the same time, you shouldn't let the lion step on your feet either, because that would definitely hurt too. For the first time, I opened up our project for numerous guests from different musical worlds; an enriching experience which resulted in many new personal and musical perspectives.”

New release 2005

re-mastered, re.engineered sound, bonus songs, bonus videos

  • 1. Unto the Burning Circle 3:48
  • 2. Dancing with the Lion 4:00
  • 3. Hippolyte 1:11
  • 4. Dance of the Masks 5:51
  • 5. Pearls & Tears 5:02
  • 6. Garden of my Childhood 1:47
  • 7. Still Life 5:40
  • 8. And the Long Shadows 3:37
  • 9. See, my Love... 3:03
  • 10. Silver Dew, Golden Grass 0:59
  • 11. Ascent from the Circle 4:01
  • Andreas Vollenweider: electroacoustic harp, cheng, voice, guitars, winds, keys and more...
  • Walter Keiser: drums & percussion
  • Christoph Stiefel: piano, keys
  • Pedro Haldemann: percussion
  • Matthias Ziegler: flutes
guest instrumentalists
  • Hans Bergström: french horn
  • Beat Briner: bassoon
  • Fernando Fantini: accordion
  • Charly Fässler: french horn
  • Steve Gorn: bansuri bamboo flutes
  • Hanspeter Haas: bass trombone
  • Peter Keiser: bass
  • Max Lässer: acoustic guitar
  • David Lindley: lap steel guitar
  • Marilyn Mazur: percussion
  • Mark O’Connor: violin & mandolin
  • Burhan Oeçal: darabuka
  • Christian Ostermeier: tenor saxophone
  • Luis Perez: mesoamerican wind & percussion
  • Daniel Pezzotti: cello
  • Badal Roy: tabla
  • Janne Schaffer: electric guitar & guitarsitar
  • Roman Schmid: english horn, oboe
  • The Zurich Mandolin Orchestra, conducted by Horst Hagemann
guest vocalists
  • Anthony Crivello
  • Nina Hennessey
  • Dodo Hug
  • Misty Jervis
  • Lucy Novotny
  • Natasha Otrinowa
  • Margarita Zorbala
female chorus:
  • Patti Austin
  • Diva Gray
  • Lani Groves
  • Vaneese Thomas
men’s chorus:
  • Bernhard Banse
  • Barry Brandes
  • Hans-Jürgen Frank
  • Eric Johnson
  • Kartmut Kriszun
  • James Moellenhoff
  • John Ousley
  • Wilber Pauley

children’s choir Kaltbrunn conducted by Daniel Winiger

All music written, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider for AVAF MUSIC Publishing, Switzerland
Andreas Vollenweider is a member of SUISA and GEMA
Worldwide subpublishing (excl. Switzerland) by EMI-Music-Publishing, New York

Co-produced by Eric Merz & Darryl Pitt

Executive producers: Hanswalter Huggler & Hugo Faas

Recorded and mixed at Lakeside Recording Studio, Zurich – Switzerland
April – October 1988

Eric Merz: recording & mixing engineer
Hanspeter Ehrsam: studio engineer

additional recordings
The Hit Factory, New York City
Tim Leitner: recording engineer
Paul Logus: assistant

Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles
Ira “Cord” Rubnitz: recordning engineer
Darren Mora: Assitant

Ebony Recording Studio, Wohlen – Switzerland
Bernie Staub: recording engineer

Production coordination for Lakeside sessions: Sylvie Rossi
Production coordination for the Hit Factory and Mad Hatter sessions: Karen Kramer for Depth of Field Management Inc.

Ambient recordings by Johannes Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider: cover art & calligraphy
Düde Dürst: design

I wish to express my deepest thanks to Beata, Jonathan, and to the many who supported this adventurous voyage with their openness, patience, smiles & tears, hearts & thoughts, courage, loyalty, confidence, and friendship...

This music is dedicated to my son.

Patty Austin appears courtesy of Qwest / Warner Bros. Records
David Lindley appears courtesy of Elektra Records
Mark O’Connor appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

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Unto The Burning Circle

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