Down to the Moon

„Our group was playing very tightly together after several world tours. Many elements of this album had already been ‚tested’ in our performances. As we went into the studio in between live shows, some of that energy found its way on to the album. At the same time, it also signaled a temporary farewell. After extensively touring the U.S., Japan and Australia, we took a long creative break to nurture our motivation and unbroken explorer's spirits.”

Re-release 2005

Re-mastered, includes bonus songs and bonus videos.

Down To The Moon

The Near Side
  • 1. Down To The Moon 2:27
  • 2. Moon Dance 4:10
  • 3. Steam Forest 4:58
  • 4. Water Moon 2:14
  • 5. Night Fire Dance 4:58
The Far Side
  • 6. Quiet Observer 2:44
  • 7. Silver Wheel 3:58
  • 8. Drown In Pale Light 2:13
  • 9. The Secret, The Candle And Love 3:43
  • 10. Hush-patience At Bamboo Forest 0:16
  • 11. Three Silver Ladies Dance 2:38
  • 12. La Lune Et L’enfant 2:03

All music Is composed, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider for AVAF Music, Switzerland

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends “moon Orchestra”
  • Andreas Vollenweider: Moon Harps
  • Walter Keiser: Moon Drums
  • Pedro Haldemann: Moon Bells
  • Christoph Stiefel: Moon Keys
  • Jon Otis: Moon Beats
  • Matthias Ziegler: Moon Winds
  • Max Laesser: Moon Strings
  • The Silver Symphony And Choir
Moon Ears, Moon Hands, Moon Friends
  • Eric Merz Moon Sound Catcher
  • Dennis Roshard Moon Catcher’s Assistant
  • Peter Ritzer Moon Painter
  • Duede Duerst Moonographical Design
  • Basil Hangartner “Watch The Moon Bird”
  • Hanspeter Ehrsam Moonharp’s Doctor
  • Edwin Moonmanofathousandfingers
The Blue Planet Connectors
  • Hugo Faas
  • Hanswalter Huggler
  • Darryl Pitt
  • Sylvie Rossi

Recorded spring 1986 at the Sinus Studios, Bern Switzerland

My warmest thanks and gratitude to Beata, my friends and their families for sharing the profound and doing so with love, and for the strong hands and hearts which help to protect the source of this music.

Andreas Vollenweider

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Down To The Moon

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