DVD The Magical Journeys

25 years live! Almost 4 hours of live concerts, interviews, documentaries, music videos…


For this DVD, AVAF went through their archives and assembled almost 4 hours of film footage. What came out is a musical travelogue, filmed around the world, featuring the artist and his band, the "Friends", as well as renowned guest stars including Carly Simon, Abdullah Ibrahim, David Lindley, Carlos Nunez, Djivan Gasparian and many others. 

The programme consists of concerts filmed in exotic and interesting locations throughout Europe, America and Asia including a performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, performances at the historic Rockapalast-Festival in Germany, Tokyo’s NHK Hall, the town square of Zurich Switzerland (where Andreas performed for H.H. the Dalai Lama at his 70th birthday celebration) and several full orchestral performances as well as studio footage never seen before.

1. "The Magical Journeys":

One hour PBS program on AVAF's 25 year concert history, from the early years to the most recent tours, incl. the symphonic works live and AV's personal comments.

2. Concert Specials:

  • Down to the Moon in Tokyo (1987)
  • Tales of Kira Kutan (Warsaw, Poland, symphonic, 2002)
  • Wolkenstein (Switzerland, symphonic, 1999)
  • COSMOPOLY project (Basle, Switzerland, 2001)

3. Documentaries:

On the albums Book of RosesKryptos, the COSMOPOLY project and the most recent album, VOX

4. The Music Videos:

"Pearls & Tears", "Dancing with the Lion" and the pioneer shortfilm "Pace Verde"

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