„Making‚ ‚Book of Roses’ definitively infected me with a ‚symphonic virus’. So I seized the opportunity to emerge myself yet again in the fantastic world of sound for my next album ‚Kryptos’. ‚Wanja the wanderer’ is a symphonic travelogue, a harp concerto with a Slavic soul. But these are moments with our ‚classical’ sound as well as contributions of great soloists like legendary Michael Brecker. Between Tango and Jazz and - like always - some music of the mysterious no-mans-land…”

Re-release 2005

re-mastered, bonus songs, bonus videos

Andreas Vollenweider – KRYPTOS

1. Domus Cordis ** 4:12

- father’s tree
- the painted gate

Andreas Vollenweider: cheng (Chinese harp), voice, Balinese percussion, ocarina (Italian clay flute) - La Cantapella Helvetica: choir - Symphonic Orchestra Zurich **

2. Morgana Palace 3:52

Andreas Vollenweider: harp, voice - Leonard Eto: daiko drums, chappa cymbal (Japanese percussion) - Saynho Namtchylak: voice - Jürg Zurmühle: shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) - Carlo Milan: voice - Walter Keiser: snare drum

3. Hermes’ Wedding ** 3:02

Andreas Vollenweider: soprano saxophone, voice, gothic harp, Indonesian & Chinese percussion - Walter Keiser: percussion - Claudia Boggio: voice - The Kroandalien Ballet: body percussion - Symphonic Orchestra Zurich **

4. Under the Trees of Hope *** 4:08

Andreas Vollenweider: harp, voice, keyboards - Walter Keiser: drums, percussion - Mindy Jostyn: violin, voice, harmonica - Eberhard Hahn: penny whistle - Daniel Pezzotti: violoncello - The Kroandalien Symphony & Choir*** - Dancing and singing under the Trees of Hope: Jonathan, Sebastian, Noëmi, David, Delphine, Lea & Reto

5. Passionata 5:53

Andreas Vollenweider: harp - Daniel Binelli: bandoneon

6. Wanja the Wanderer * 6:35

(concerto for harp & orchestra)
Andreas Vollenweider: harp, overtone flute - Walter Keiser: percussion - Daniel Pezzotti: solo violoncello - Matthias Ziegler: solo flute – Roman Schmid: additional oboe & english horn - Symphonic Orchestra Zurich *

7. Bhambororo! 1:43

Andreas Vollenweider: harp, Aeolian bamboo - Joseph Shabalala: lead voice - Ladysmith Black Mambazo: choir - Walter Keiser: percussion

8. Forest Folks *** 5:07

Andreas Vollenweider: classical “paradis” guitar, accordion, organ, voice, dark wooden flute, erhu (Chinese violon) - Walter Keiser: drums, percussion - Peter Keiser: bass guitar - Mindy Jostyn: voice - Roman Schmid: oboe - Daniel Pezzotti: violoncello - The Kroandal Symphony & Choir ***

9. Quendel and Rhomas 4:16

Andreas Vollenweider: harp - Helmut Lipsky: violin

10. Trigon 6:59

- east of time
- missa obscura
- south of time

Andreas Vollenweider: harp, organ, keyboards, voice, clay flutes - Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone - Daniel Pezzotti: violoncello - Walter Keiser: drums - Ivan Mamão” Conti: berimbau, congas - Thomas Fessler: acoustic & electric guitars - The Monks of the San Quixote Monastery

11. May Green be the Grass… 6:15

may green be the grass you walk on
may blue be the sky above you
may pure be the joy that surround you
may true be the heart that loves you
(old Irish blessing)

Andreas Vollenweider: steam organ, harp, voice - Walter Keiser: frame drums - Mindy Jostyn: fiddle, voice, mandolin - Eberhard Hahn: bamboo flute, voice

12. Circulus Finalis ** 3:11

- return of the heroes
Andreas Vollenweider: Indonesian percussion, voice - Walter Keiser: percussion - Members of the T.C.K. (Theatre Circle of Kroandal) - Symphonic Orchestra Zurich **

- the heroes’ telling
Andreas Vollenweider: acoustic harp - La Cantapella Helvetica: choir

* orchestrated by Jiri Ruzicka
** orchestrated by Andreas Vollenweider and Jiri Ruzicka
*** orchestrated by Andreas Vollenweider

Symphonic Orchestra Zurich conducted by Daniel Schweizer
La Cantapella Helvetica conducted by Christoph Cajöri
Kroandalien Symphony & Choir conducted by Andreas Vollenweider


Bonus Tracks (only on re-release)

  1. 1. Light Dance (prev. unreleased song)
  2. 2. Morgana Palace (live)
  3. 3. Hey You! Yes, You… (from the album VOX)

Bonus Videos (only on re-release)

  1. 1. Introducing KRYPTOS (recording sessions, interviews, orchestra work etc.)
  2. 2. Morgana Palace (excerpt from symphonic project WOLKENSTEIN)
  3. 3. Introducing VOX (interviews, studio work, live, background info)


Recording Team: Eric Merz, Yves Jaget, Andreas Vollenweider, Jürg Peterhans, Bernie Staub, Devin Emke
Technical Support: Philipp Scheidegger
Recorded at: Powerplay Studios, Maur – Switzerland - Crew: Claudia Boggio, Andy Neresheimer

Sound on Sound Studios, New York City, Crew: John Reigert
Gamma Studio, Dottikon – Switzerland, Crew: Christian Anderssson
Orchestral Recordings live at Casino Theater, Zug – Switzerland
Le Voyageur II, Mobile Studio, Paris – France, Crew: René Weis, Vincent Pitras
Lakeside Studio, Zurich – Switzerland, Crew: Philipp Scheidegger, Achim Kübert 

Mixing Team: Eric Merz & Andreas Vollenweider at Powerplay Studios
Mastering Team: Eric Merz, Andreas Vollenweider, Andy Neresheimer, Achim Kübert
Re-mastering: by Andreas Vollenweider at Lakeside Studios, Switzerland

Cover Concept & Design: Andreas Vollenweider , Düde Dürst
Cover Artwork: Düde Dürst
Photographers: François Gribi, Hanswalter Huggler, Pius Knüsel, PierLuigi Macor, Alan Nahigian, Pirmin Rösli, Kurt Reichenbach 

Michael Brecker appears courtesy of GRP recording company – MCA
Ladysmith Black Mambazo appears courtesy of Gallo Music Productions
Helmut Lipsky appears courtesy of Lost Chart Records, Montréal

Coordination for US sessions:
Depth of Field Management, New York City
Darryl Pitt, Peter McCallum, Marina Belica, Jerry Wortman, Rick Epstein 

All music written, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider for AVAF MUSIC Publishing, Switzerland
Andreas Vollenweider is a member of SUISA and GEMA
Worldwide Sub-Publishing (excl. Switzerland) by EMI-Music-Publishing, New York

“Having received all the support, dedication and enthusiasm of so many wonderful people makes me feel very, very fortunate. And as you can imagine, there are many more, whose help was essential. I would like to express my deep appreciation and thanks to all these friends and especially to Beata, Jonathan, Sebastian and Noëmi for patiently sharing me for this project over such a long time.”

Andreas Vollenweider, January 1997

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Domus Cordis

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