White Winds

„The making of ‚White Winds’ was like a creative harvest time. Reactions from the ‚outside world’ had made us more confident and more courageous, but also a bit looser. Even the song title of ‚Flight Feet & Root Hands’ mirrors our frame of mind: freely ‚flying’ feet - and our hands firmly rooted in the earth.”

Re-release 2005

re-mastered, includes bonus songs and bonus videos (only CD)

White Winds (Seeker’s Journey)


The seekers:
  • Andreas Vollenweider : acoustic, modified pedal harps – cheng – day and night sounds*
  • Pedro Haldemann: rhythmanatomic acousticolours – day and night sounds*
  • Walter Keiser: drumming out the axis of time
  • Joerg-peter-buedi Siebert: wind in instruments
  • Elena Ledda : voice of the isle of the voice of faith“: canopy choir
  • Patrick Demenga : embracing the violoncello
  • Eric Merz: engine-ear of the sound buildings


The Scenery:
  • 1. The White Winds
  •        The White Boat (first view) 1:49
  • 2. hall of the stairs
  •        Hall Of The Mosaics (meeting you) 5:06
  • 3. The Glass Hall (choose the crystall)
  •        The Play Of The Five Balls
  •        The Five Planets
  •        Canopy Choir 7:38
  • 4. The Woman And The Stone 4:25
  • 5. The Stone (close-up) 3:01
  • 6. Phases Of The Three Moons 2:46
  • 7. Flight Feet & Root Hands 3:39
  • 8. Brothership 3:22
  • 9. Sisterseed 1:33
  • 10. Trilogy
  •        At The White Magic Gardens
  •        The White Winds 3:24
*Day & night sounds are the voices of the following instruments:

taebrat, dajang, drone tubes, drone boards, moon lutes, san-h`sien, ehr-hu, tajiah, gothic harp, wind harp, fish flutes, moon flutes, snare flutes, so-na, pan flutes, makamas tadj-ben, serpent, timbal, p`ai-kou, ta-kou, surdo, glass gong, glass bells, angklung (metal & bamboo, water bells, water drums, wind chimes, carillion……


  • Frontcover art by Andreas Vollenweider
  • Frontcover photography by Michael Mueller
  • Frontcover special effects by Cornelius De Fries
  • Backcover photography by Ernst Wirz
  • Artwork by Duede Duerst
  • Natural Sounds recorded by Andreas & Beata Vollenweider
  • Recorded and mixed May & June 1984 at the Sinus Studio Berne, Switzerland
  • All music is composed, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider for AVAF music-ch
  • The coordinators: Hugo Faas & Hanswalter Huggler

My deepest thanks to Beata for her love and patience and to all of my friends for their friendship and support:
Walter, Eric, Hanswalter, Pedro, Hugo, Buedi, Frances, Sadie, Roselyn, Louvenia, Hanspeter, Rosa, Miro, Elisabeth, Martin, Ruth, Priska, Anne, Saemi, David, Guschti, Ruedi, Elena, Darryl, Carly, Ben, Sally, Pine, Sylvie, Werni, Juerg, Ruedi & Ruedi, Hedy, Thomas, Peter, Jochen, Duede, Christof, Ernst, Patrik, Nina, Menga, Christa, Connie, Carlo, Thommi. Mike, Emil, Urs, Asita, Aschi, Herbert, Dennis, Stefan, Rolf, Family Hawas, Ahmed`s Family, Hefnawi Abdul Nabi Fayed,
Mr. Ramseier of the Voelkerkunde-Museum-Basel

The soul is a veiled light, neglect it, and it will dim and die. Fuel it with the sacred oil of love and it will burn with an immortal flame.
(Sung at the Temples of Ammon-râ)

All music written, arranged and produced for:
AVAF Music Publishing, Switzerland
Andreas Vollenweider is a member of SUISA and GEMA
Worldwide sub-publishing (excl. Switzerland) by EMI-Music-Publishing, New York

Listen and download

The White Winds The White Boat

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