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On the outside, everything was very quiet for almost 10 years. But Andreas was very creative during this time - and just when he wanted to share the fruits of this work with you, the virus hit the whole world.

Until all the releases are re-scheduled and Andreas can perform live concerts again, he invites you for special musical treats on a regular base, played live, directly from his studio in Switzerland. A music that could not be more fitting in these crazy times. Now that we can’t explore the outer world as we were used to, it invites us to turn around and go within. So stay healthy, sit back and enjoy the journey...

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LIVE@HOME - mini-concerts


7 October 2020 at 20:00:00 CEST

The 10th LIVE@HOME concert, featuring Walter Keiser and Isabel Gehweiler, playing music from the new album and older favorites.

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends in Concert - when? where? how?

The 35th anniversary concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 7th of July 2011 was the last public concert of AVAF. After that Andreas went into a retreat and continued his work in silence. Everything was ready for June 2020 to finally go out to the world again with concerts. But like for everybody else in the performing world, due to COVID19, everything had to be postponed for a long time or even cancelled. Now we have to make new plans, about which we will inform you as soon as possible...

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Vollenweider on Spotify & Co. available again!

For a few weeks, many of Andreas’ songs were missing in some countries on some of the streaming platforms such as Spotify. This was due to a change of the record companies. The entire, remastered catalogue is now availabe again. Enjoy!

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Concert on Insel Grafenwerth postponed!

Due to the CoVid19-Situation the entire Festival had to be postponed for one year.

New Date: June 6th 2021, 8pm. Tickets already purchased will remain valid or will be refunded.

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After almost forty years of successful musical work, Andreas Vollenweider is venturing on a great new adventure - his first novel!

Also a lot of new music has been created. Inspired by the thematic spectrum of the novel, the first release is the album "Quiet Places" - calm, contemplative music, subtle, moving and yet powerful and dynamic, with Isabel Gehweiler, cello and Walter Keiser, drums.

Additional albums with new and previously unreleased music will follow!

«Quiet Places»
A New Album!

«Quiet Places»

Music for precious and quiet moments

Andreas Vollenweider, harp, piano - Isabel Gehweiler, cello - Walter Keiser, drums & percussion.

Music, inspired by the theme of the novel; captivating, yet calm, contemplative, subtle, moving, yet powerful and dynamic.

Release: beginning October 2020

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«Reflections of Venus»
The Novel

«Reflections of Venus»

After almost forty years of successful working in the field of music, Andreas Vollenweider is venturing on a new, great adventure - his first novel!

A visually powerful, gripping story about the creative interrelation of consciousness, imagination and reality.

430 pages, initial release in German, Print and eBook.

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«Reflections of Venus»
Audio Book

«Reflections of Venus»

The english version of the audio-book, (17 hours) with lots of music from Vollenweider, Gehweiler, Bach, Chopin, Myaskovsky, Liszt and Beethoven is being produced summer 2020.

The novel is currently being translated to english. All release dates and informations will be announced timely.

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