Show confirmed: Amsterdam – The Netherlands, October 19th, Royal Theater Carré

After 30 years, Andreas and his friends are returning to Amsterdam.

"CAVERNA MAGICA 2024" – the legendary music is returning to the stage

"CAVERNA MAGICA" was Andreas' enigmatic album, which took the world by storm in the early eighties. It forms the framework of the current program, which will be complemented by the key songs from all of Vollenweider's works. 

These excellent musicians will unleash the magic of this music:

Andreas Vollenweider: harps, gu-cheng, ethnic winds, voice
Walter Keiser: drums, percussion, programming, sound FX
Daniel Kueffer: wind instruments, percussion, keyboards, accordion, voice
Isabel Gehweiler: cello, voice, keyboards, percussion
Oliver Keller: guitars and other stringed instruments of all kinds

On a historical note: It was in 1983 when Andreas and his Friends introduced their music for the first time on Dutch television on "Sonja’s Good News Show". Already during the performance, the telephone system of the TV station collapsed due to the many people calling in to ask what that music was. Many unforgettable concerts followed this event in the Netherlands, some at the iconic Royal Theatre "Carré".

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