Special concert!
The 20th of July, Andreas Vollenweider performed with the orchestra Sinfonia Varsovia at the Swiss summer festival Live at Sunset in Zurich. The concert programm included Vollenweider's symphonic novel TALES OF KIRA KUTAN as well as movements from WOLKENSTEIN
Conductor was André Bellmont.

The soloists:
Andreas Vollenweider: var. harps, vocals, gu-cheng (Chinese harp), Kora (African harp), Laud (Spanish mini-lute), piano, ocarinas and whistles
Xiao-Jing Wang: erhu (Chinese violin)
André Desponds: piano
Walter Keiser:drums and percussion
The music is very much like the report of a adventurous journey to worlds, not yet discovered. The sophisticated sound body of the symphonic orchestra meets archaic sounds and instruments from foreign cultures.

"Tales of Kira Kutan" premiered in June 2001 in Warsaw. Before the report and the pictures of the Zurich concert are ready, here you'll find information and pictures from last summers premiere:

Live at Sunset
Live at Sunset 2
Live at Sunset 3
Live at Sunset 4

Sorry for who may have missed it! An exceptional concert, an enchanted location: Vollenweider and the Sinfonia Varsovia at the summer festival "Live at Sunset" in Zurich, Switzerland, July, 20th, 2002 Report with pictures

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