ROKPA-children with Andreas Vollenweider

The ROKPA-children with Andreas Vollenweider
dance, music and pure joy of live from the Himalaya
For the 25th anniversary, the Swiss charity organization ROKPA is inviting some of their children from Nepal to visit Europe.
These children will be the ambassadors, representing the many thousands of children, who over twenty-five years have come from the streets, found the warmth of a home, medical attention and education at one of ROKPA’s institutions. The show of these young and passionate dancers and singers will contain traditional as well as modern western elements and it becomes quite clear, that the dreams and hopes of these children are not so different from our kids...
Andreas Vollenweider will provide the musical framework for the children and will accompany them on various of his instruments.
ROKPA is extensively introducing their history and current activities with a multimedia presentation.
“...ROKPA has helped hundred thousands of people in desperate need, being almost completely unknown to the broader public. It doesn’t take a mathematic genius to realize the effect they could have, if ROKPA would be better known.
To me, the beauty of ROKPA is, that it feels like family, it is about closeness, directness, integrity and transparency. And suddenly we become aware of a true phenomenon; as we are giving, at the very end we get much more in return...”
Andreas Vollenweider

Tour Dates:

Zurich, Thursday, 2nd June 05
Kaufleuten Theater
Boxoffice 19:00/start 20:00
Patronat & Moderation: Sandra Studer

Basel, Friday. 3rd June 05
Offene Kirche Elisabethen
Boxoffice 19:00/start 20:00
Elisabethenstrasse 10-14
Patronat: Gianna Hablützel-Bürki
Moderation: Roger Tiriet

St. Gallen, Saturday. 4th June 05
Boxoffice 19:00/start 20:00
Museumsstrasse 1/24
Moderation: Röbi Koller

Luzern, Sunday, 5th June 05
Hotel Seeburg
Boxoffice 19:00/start 20:00
Seeburgstrasse 53-61
Patronat: Jörg Schneider
Moderation: Röbi Koller

ROKPA Schweiz
Böcklinstrasse 27
8032 Zürich
Tickets :
from the May the 2nd2005
0900 325 325 (CHF 1.49/Min.)
or one of the 100 Ticket Offices

ROKPA kids

Andreas & the ROKPA kids. Here the children are celebrating the opening of a new children's home in Nepal

young dancer

The young dancers full of passion and fire

Ropka dancer
young dancer 1

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