ROKPA-Kids: unforgettably touching!

ATTENTION: we have plans for an second visit of the kids to Europe in 2010 for the 30 year celebration of ROKPA! Don't miss it! More details and infos on this site!

Summer 2005. The four Swiss performances of the ROKPA-children with Andreas Vollenweider will be for everybody, who had the chance to be part, unforgettable.

The original plan was, to put together an evening of the ROKPA-kids and AV, as it was announced on our homepage (see article). Music, dance and information about ROKPA, the Swiss charity organisation. ROKPA is very active in many parts of the world, especially in Tibet and Nepal. This would have already been enough to build a interesting and exiting programm. But it has developed in another direction: the children first travelled from Katmandu to Scotland, where the ROKPA co-founder Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, a tibetean Lama, has established a buddhist centre. For about three weeks, the kids have rehearsed for the performances in Europe.

One morning, the children found an empty cardboard box, somebody must have left in the rehearsal room. For anyone else this would have simply been a cardboard box, but not for the ten children. For these streetkids the box once has been a shelter for the night, a space to keep them warm in the cold nights of Katmadu, a place they could withdraw from the world for a short while. The box has stired up many memories and the children started to develope a dance-theatre piece, based on their life story.

They also selected the music, developed choreography and stage set and the grownups just helped them to get their ideas to technically work. The result is a theatre piece of profound authentcity, which does not leave anyone untouched. The audiences response was overwhelming and we hope very much to be able to put together more opportunities for more people to experience these children, who speak for thousands, still on the street.

Please check in from time to time to not miss it...!

Nepali Kids

Nepali kids of the charity org. ROKPA on short tour w/Andreas

Kids begging

The kids have no protection against violence and crime; a group of streetkids mourn for a little girl, being kidnapped and forced to beg, steal or much worse.

A cold night in Katmandou

A cold night in Katmandou

childrens house

Two new kids are warmly welcomed at the "childrens house"

street kitchen

At the ROKPA "Street-Kitchen" the homeless and poor get a warm breakfast

Lea Wyler

At Mamilea's (Lea Wyler) they are helped to find a perspective - mamy for the first time in their lives

AV Slide
Smaila and Urmila

Smaila and Urmila, singing a very melancholic love song

2nd part

The 2nd part included even traditional songs and dances


A such a firework of pure joy of life is contagious and profoundly admirable

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