TEARS OF THE SUN (collaboration on film score)

Andreas collaborates with German film composer Hans Zimmer on the film score for TEARS OF THE SUN" in Los Angeles. A feature film about the forgotten civil war in Nigeria, with Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci. A very sad and violent movie which raises many questions about the involvement of the western world in conflicts such as this. Unfortunately many questions remain unanswered...
First, the western world is financing questionable political figures and governments, providing money, weapons and training, until they turn against their own people and later against their supporters.
As a result, a complex net of dependancies and a diffused potential of guilt and responsabilities is created.
Will we ever learn...

Tears of the Sun

Vollenweider collaborating with film composer Hans Zimmer in Los Angeles on the score of "tears of the sun", a feature film about the forgotten civil war in Nigeria. Starring Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci.

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