The "COSMOPOLY -summer - tour 2000

The matching tour for the album:
spontaneous gatherings of the groupe and the many guests, literally from all over this planet.
Improvisation, jamming and creating songs on the spot, live and sometimes with daily changing configurations. An exiting adventure for everyone – musicians as well as the many people of audiences in Europe and the US.
The basic groupe was:
Andreas Vollenweider: his whole family of instruments
Walter Keiser: drums and percussion
XiaoJing Wang: erhu (Chinese violin)
Joe McHugh: whistles and pipes
Guests: Djivan Gasparian: duduk
Carlos Nunez: whistles, gaita
Ray Anderson: trombone
Nabil Khaiat: frame drum
Rabih Abou-Khalil: oud
Badara Seck: xalam, vocals
Keba Dramé: cora, vocals
Carly Simon: vocals
Mindy Jostyn: vocals, guitar, fiddle, harmonica
Burhan Oecal: oud, saz, darbouka


10th of July, 2000, full house in Istambul: (L-R) Walter Keiser, Burhan Oecal, Joe McHugh, XiaoJing Wang, Djivan Gasparyan, Andreas Vollenweider

Munich, Germany, 15th of July 2000,

Munich, Germany, 15th of July 2000, at the "Tollwood Festival"




"Pénc" from Senegal: Badara Seck: xalam, vocals Keba Dramé: cora, vocals


Zurich(Switzerland) 22.07. 2000 at the Landesmuseum "Live at Sunset"


Freiburg i.B. , Germany 12th of July 2000 Nabil Khaiat, frame drum, Rabih Abou-Khalil, oud, Andreas Vollenweider, harp

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