Concert on Insel Grafenwerth postponed to 2022

Due to the Covid19-Situation the concert on Insel Grafenwerth in Bad Honnef, Germany, had to be postponed for another year.

New Date: June 5th 2022

Tickets already purchased will remain valid or will be refunded. Please contact your ticket seller directly: or

It is truly a musical world of its own; melodic, touching, intimate, emotional, conciliatory, uncompromisingly unbound, fascinatingly unusual, from feather-light to stirring virtuosity, calming and powerful at the same time.

More than ever before this music invites you to a journey inside, to pause and reflect, to gather new strength. This is exactly why this music became world-famous.

Besides a lot of new music, we also meet old acquaintances, fragments and quotations of legendary songs from earlier albums and programs, in new appearance in this trio formation. And since there is a lot of room for free improvisation, the music is new every day and full of surprises for listeners and musicians alike.

The new music is inspired by the story of Vollenweider's first novel «Im Spiegel der Venus» (the release of the English translation will be announced timely).

Of course Andreas plays his harp and here and there the piano, the young cellist Isabel Gehweiler slips with her haunting and powerful playing «under our skin», and every now and then Walter Keiser joins in with filigree grooving drums.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique picturesque scenery, which is perfect for the music of Andreas, Isabel and Walter.

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