SlowFlow & Dancer - A Very Special New Album by Andreas Vollenweider

This music has had to wait a long time until it could finally make its way to you. And now it comes at just the right time, when we are all under pressure and have many difficulties to cope with...

For over 40 years, Andreas has seen it as his calling to use his music to remind his listeners of the positive forces that are always discreetly at work, even in the darkest of times: music as a source of motivation and hope, inspiring us to work courageously and effectively to realize our dreams.

Andreas Vollenweider began working on this project with British producer Andy Wright (Eurhythmics, Simply Red, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, Sinead O'Connor, among others) already at the end of 2010. On October 28, 2022, SlowFlow & Dancer will be released worldwide on all digital formats as well as CDs and vinyl.

More information to follow soon!

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A little album preview: Woa Woa (feat. Africapella) 

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