Andreas Vollenweider & Friends - 30year anniversary

21st August 2010, a beautiful late summer evening at the shore of the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland.
Report of the first live concert of the new and extended "Andreas Vollenweider & Friends", playing in a beautifully pictoresque setting, under the spacious dome roof of the Swiss Circus STEY, for a special and enthusiastic crowd. The event also marked the beginning of an special anniversary year:

2011 - the 30-year-anniversary of the legendary Vollenweider-sound!

An audience of world citizens!

It is a well known drama: live appearences of Andreas Vollenweider & Friends are very rare! This has motivated people from all over the world, all of Europe, Asia, the US, South Africa, Nigeria... to travel to Switzerland to attend this very special event. Everyone of the highly enthusiastic audience has a long standing history with this particular music, a reason why the entire evening transformed into a family gathering and a soothing bath in the sound of

"The Dancing with the Lion - Orchestra"

Andreas Vollenweider; var. harps, vocals, ethnic wind instruments 
Walter Keiser; drums 
Andi Pupato; percussion, samplers & loops 
Stefanie Peter (Steff la Cheffe); human beatbox, vocals, percussion 
Daniel Kueffer; saxes, bass clarinet, whistles, keyboards, vocals
Sandro Friedrich; exotic wind instruments 
Greg Galli; keyboards, vocals, accordion 
Oliver Keller; guitars 
Daniel Pezzotti; cello 
Casper Obro; live drawing (interactive light-art & projections)

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